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A delegation of priests from the diocese of Oristano, Sardinia meets with Benedict

A group of 30 priests from Oristano, Sardinia, led by their bishop Monsignor Ignazio Sanna made a pilgrimage to Rome between 16 –18 June 2014. 
Among the most significant moments of the pilgrimage was celebration of the Eucharist at the shrine of Divine Love and a visit to the tomb of the Apostle Peter. 
On 16 June there was an emotional meeting with the Pope Emeritus. Benedict XVI met all the priests one by one with great simplicity at his convent home. He recalled his visit to Cagliari a few years ago. It was an opportunity to thank him for his Petrine ministry, characterised by intelligence of mind and heart and a reassurance that he would be remembered in prayer.


P.S. It is always good to see Papa Emerito looking well - though I do wish he could gain a little weight, and I miss the gentle radiance that we could all see in his face during the earlier years of his papacy.   
I wonder, when will we hear about visits from his oldest and dearest friends from Bavaria?  It seems that he gets visits from quite a few groups of pilgrims and priests, but I have yet to hear of a visit from his closest friends from Bavaria.  If memory serves me correctly, the last time I heard about a visit from an old friend from Bavaria, it was the visit of Bishop Wilhelm Schraml last year, where the good Bishop revealed that upon being told that the prelate would be retiring to Altoetting, Papa Emerito told him that he would gladly trade places.
I do hope Papa Emerito will get a visit from his Bavarian friends soon, as it will surely cheer him immensely to see those dear and familiar faces. (Unicorn,


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